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Our clients know they can rely on:

  • a defined,consistent approach to financial planning
  • a commitment to a long term relationship
  • a clear & transparent map to execute your financial plan

We're happy to discuss our value added offering with you and illustrate how it compares to the various other options in the market.

A Better World Through Strategic Giving...

11 April, 2017

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard, as you can see, happily attended this conference and learned a lot as a result. We wanted t... More »

The Gender Gap in Financial Matters

5 April, 2017

Marie Phillips was interviewed by Rudy Mezzetta at Investment Executive regarding the gender gap in financial confidence and engag... More »

Quarterly Program Commentary | Video with Wayne Gillespie

Click on the video below for highlights on how the various IPC Private Wealth mandates have performed and the contributors and detractors to performance. 


  • Marie does a great job of listening to my financial needs and finding the right solutions, I feel confident knowing that Marie is looking out for my best interests.

    - Joanne Turnell
  • With having limited knowledge of investments, my husband and I were referred to Marie Phillips at IPC Securities to help direct and plan for our retirement. Marie took the time to go through the numbers, our lifestyle and our expectations to help us set realistic and achievable goals in order for us to accomplish our dreams. Today our dreams have been realized.

    - Virginia