3 May, 2017

Community Matters: The Tenors at RBG

On June 4th, The Royal Botanical Gardens invites The Tenors to perform, and I can’t wait! If you ever had the pleasure of listening to them, you will know why I’m so excited. This Canadian vocal group’s performances include; performing for the last four Presidents of the United States, for the leaders at the G20 Summit in Toronto, at the Vatican in Rome and most recently for her Majesty the Queen.

It matters a great deal to me, to be involved in my community and as my last blog post “A Better World Through Strategic Giving” states; “…have no idea the important role we play within the philanthropic sector and to realize that we are welcomed with open arms with one proviso. Your heart needs to be in the right place.”

Music is a passion of mine, and supporting such an amazing event is a pleasure and an honour that I am able to do as it is sponsored in part by Counsel Portfolio Services. To learn more about Counsel Portfolio Services, please click HERE.