Women have distinct financial planning needs

4 October, 2017

The financial assets controlled by Canadian women as well the income earned by women is projected to grow significantly over the next decade.... Read More

680 News - Marie Phillips

17 June, 2017

Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor with IPC Securities speaks with Kris McCusker of 680News about the importance of Goals Based Planning when dealing with Sudden Wealth.... Read More

A Better World Through Strategic Giving...

11 April, 2017

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard, as you can see, happily attended this conference and learned a lot as a result. We wanted to share some of the lessons we learned within this Advisor friendly environment.... Read More

The Gender Gap in Financial Matters

5 April, 2017

Marie Phillips was interviewed by Rudy Mezzetta at Investment Executive regarding the gender gap in financial confidence and engagement.... Read More

Listen now ...Marie Phillips featured in 680 news!

30 March, 2017

Over this past weekend Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor, was featured in a radio segment on 680 news.... Read More

When a Spousal RRSP Still Makes Sense

3 March, 2017

A spousal Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is all about paying less tax during retirement. The higher income spouse contributes to the plan during working years, but withdrawals in retirement are favourably taxed in the hands of the lower in... Read More

RRSP Season is Approaching

13 January, 2017

The RRSP contribution deadline is March 1, 2017. Generally, people know an RRSP is important when it comes to saving for their retirement, what they might not know is how to get the most out of this investment option.... Read More

Big Bonus, Big Plans

24 November, 2016

Getting a year-end bonus? Here are some things to consider. Many companies pay annual discretionary bonuses to employees, either at year’s end or in the first few weeks of the following year. You may have been receiving a bonus for years now (possibly... Read More

Smart Talk About Your Insurance Options

29 September, 2016

When considering the purchase of insurance, the various available options can be a bit perplexing and stressful. Your advisor’s role is to analyze your particular situation and help you choose the best combination of coverage and payment options. They... Read More

How Would You Like To Pay?

12 August, 2016

The benefits and drawbacks of cash versus credit.  Last year, Canadian debt levels reached another record high, with the average household having more than $1.65 in debt for every dollar of annual disposable income.1 Most of that is mortgage debt, but... Read More

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