Special Report: North Korea

30 August, 2017

The antagonistic exchange between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. has dominated the news and caused volatility to increase.... Read More

680 News - Marie Phillips

17 June, 2017

Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor with IPC Securities speaks with Kris McCusker of 680News about the importance of Goals Based Planning when dealing with Sudden Wealth.... Read More

The Gender Gap in Financial Matters

5 April, 2017

Marie Phillips was interviewed by Rudy Mezzetta at Investment Executive regarding the gender gap in financial confidence and engagement.... Read More

Listen now ...Marie Phillips featured in 680 news!

30 March, 2017

Over this past weekend Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor, was featured in a radio segment on 680 news.... Read More

International Women's Day: Financial risks facing female investors

10 March, 2017

Marie Phillips was interviewed by Pattie Lovett-Reid at BNN regarding the financial risks facing female investors.... Read More

Women and Wealth: 3 Ways to Reset Your Thinking

8 March, 2017

Women and Wealth

It’s no secret that women today play a significantly larger role as business owners, entrepreneurs or senior executives – much more than they did 50 years ago. It’s an achievement worth celebrating every day, but more so today, as we celebrate... Read More

Your Retirement Income

7 April, 2016

  Canadians today face a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to their retirement. Historically low interest rates are squeezing fixed-income investments and forcing investors to consider higher-risk alternatives. At the same time, as our population... Read More

Emotional Investing

20 January, 2016

“During a period of volatility it is all too easy to allow your emotions to dictate your investment decisions”. Focus on Volatility Should you abandon your investment plan in these volatile times? Investing will always involve some level of risk; no one... Read More

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